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By Hans Wehr, J. Milton Cowan

Its scholarship, accuracy and reliability make it the most major contributions to Arabic lexicography. it's was hoping that this masterpiece will element the way in which ot wider use of recent lexicographical rules within the compilation of dictionaries for previous sessions of the Arabic language.

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34 Hippolytus HIPPOLYTUS. % NURSE. O Son, what wilt thou? Wilt thou slay thy kin? HIPPOLYTUS. I own no kindred with the spawn of sin! ] NURSE. Nay, spare me! Man was born to err; oh, spare! HIPPOLYTUS. O God, why hast Thou made this gleaming snare, Woman, to dog us on the happy earth? Was it Thy will to make Man, why his birth Through Love and Woman? )-And, will some man but take her, pays a dower! And he, poor fool, takes home the poison-flower; Laughs to hang jewels on the deadly thing He joys in; labours for her robe-wearing, Till wealth and peace are dead.

Korean alone: 혼자, 단지, 홀로, 자기 혼자서, 고독한, 단독으로. bird: 새, 엽조, 비행기-들새를 관찰하다, 야유, 녀석, 새를 잡다, 조롱하는 소리, 미사일, 형기, 사람, 빈정거리는 소리. blackness: 흑점, 검정, 흑색, 검음. blowing: 취입 성형, 재즈 연주, 분출하는 소리. comrade: 동무, 동지, 친구, 동료, 동료다운, 전우, 조합원. dwelling: 주거, 주소, 거처. ere: 하기 전에, 오히려. fortune: 행운, 부, 운, 재산, 운명, 운수, 재산을 주다, 우연히 일어나다, 운명의 여신. gust: 일진의 바람, 돌풍, 돌발, 격발. heavy: 무거운, 대량의, 격렬한, 무거운 사람, 묵직한, 모진, 악인역, 도가 강한, 다액의, 고된, 심한. heel: 뒤축을 대다, 기울이다, 뒤꿈치로 춤추다, 뒷발, 의 바로 뒤를 따르다, 바로 뒤따르다, 뒤꿈치, 기울어지다, 굽, 경사, 비열한놈. ill-starred: 액운을 타고난.

Some dire deed beyond recall? PHAEDRA. [musing] Die; but how die? LEADER. Let not such wild words fall! PHAEDRA. [turning upon her] Give thou not such light counsel! Let me be To sate the Cyprian that is murdering me! To-day shall be her day; and, all strife past Her bitter Love shall quell me at the last. Yet, dying, shall I die another's bane! He shall not stand so proud where I have lain Bent in the dust! Oh, he shall stoop to share The life I live in, and learn mercy there! ] Korean clutch: 클러치, 붙잡음, 한 배, 사로잡다, 일단, 피우다, 위기, 마수, 인색한사람, 한 둥지의 날짐승의 갓깬 새끼, 움켜쥠.

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