Download Aquatic Oligochaete Biology V: Proceedings of the 5th by Andreas Anlauf (auth.), T. B. Reynoldson, K. A. Coates PDF

By Andreas Anlauf (auth.), T. B. Reynoldson, K. A. Coates (eds.)

This publication comprises 36 of the papers offered on the conferences protecting the numerous facets of oligochaete biology from ecological via evolutionary reports, divided into the subsequent sections:

  1. Systematics and Evolution
  2. Taxonomy and Geographic Distribution
  3. Distribution, Abundance and Habitat forms
  4. Ultrastructure
  5. Pollution stories
  6. Population Dynamics

the amount highlights the one biggest contribution of Soviet oligochaete biology awarded in English on account that 1980. 9 of the 36 papers during this assortment are written by means of authors from the previous U.S.S.R.

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8) Longitudinal section of the midpiece. Note the prominent central sheath passing through the center of the centriole remnant, and the marginal fiber starting at the base of the flagellum . x 53,000. (9) Transverse section of the mid piece, showing seven twisted mitochondria. x 58,500. (10) Transverse section of the flagellum, with the central sheath and marginal fiber. x 72,000. (11) Longitudinal section of the flagellum. x 52,000 (see Fig. 2 for legend). pores and an eversible penis (Holt, 1986: 686).

A, atrium; d, vas deferens; m, muscular ring; pf, porophore; pr, prostate cells. 2. T. cantabrigiensis. Posterior lateral blood vessels of a whole mounted type specimen. 3. T. icenorum. Longitudinal section of a type specimen showing pharyngeal glands in segments VII and VIII. pg, pharyngeal glands; ss, sperm sac. 4. T. hrabei. Atria from type specimen. a, atria; mp, male pores. 5. T. leruthi. Penis from French materia!. 6. T. culveri. Prostomium and everted pharynx from paratype. 39 2 7. T. seirei.

Gelder, 1991. Chapter 12. Annelida: Oligochaeta and Branchiobdellida. In J. H. Thorpe & F. Covitch (eds), Ecology and Classification of North American Freshwater Invertebrates. Academic Press, New York: 401-435. Daddow, L. Y. , 1983. A double lead stain method for enhancing contrast of ultrathin sections in electron microscopy: a modified multiple staining technique. J. Micros. 129: 147-153. , 1865. Ueber die Gattung Branchiobdella. Z. wiss. Zool. 15: 464-494. Ferraguti, M. & S. R. Gelder, 1991.

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