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By Paul Wolfe, Charlie Scott, Mike Erwin

Each year companies spend billions of bucks scuffling with the overpowering volume of junk electronic mail their staff obtain. With the Anti-Spam Toolkit, platforms directors have at their fingertips the instruments they should considerably decrease junk electronic mail. via real-world software program and examples, the authors reveal how you can determine unsolicited mail, set up the best-suited anti-spam procedure for a company, hold valid electronic mail from being incorrect for junk mail, adapt and enhance anti-spam platforms, and remain one step sooner than spammers. in addition they disguise the most recent and most well-liked applied sciences available to buy for the proactive platforms administrator. The CD-ROM contains all of the instruments mentioned within the e-book.

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If you already have anti-virus or web-proxy software installed, it makes sense to explore any spam control options offered by those same vendors. Using the same hardware (and in some cases the same software) to handle these multiple tasks can serve to prevent double transmissions, save on storage needs, and ultimately reduce expensive CPU processing. 40 Chapter 4: Anti-Spam Implementation Strategies Chapter 4: Anti-Spam Implementation Strategies 41 Configure spam-filtering software to check for forgeries of the sender’s IP address, the sender’s domain, and whether any open relays were used to exchange the mail.

Additional backup mail exchangers can also be configured by stipulating several MX entries with a different numeric precedence. tld. tld. tld. tld. tld. tld. tld. tld. tld) has three mail servers that are set up to receive inbound mail with the DNS advertised names of mail-1, mail-2, and mail-3. tld). You'll note that the precedence is established using the numbers following the MX entries (10, 20, and 100)—the lowest number gets the highest priority. Huge organizations often look similar to large organizations in that they have their own networks (often gigantic ocean-crossing wide area networks), multiple installations of servers to manage, and lots and lots of e-mail users.

The first, and most likely, separation of function for server administrators is to segregate in-bound versus out-bound e-mail. Segregation of Inbound vs. Outbound Mail Using DNS Separation of mail flows is traditionally done using DNS and by creating an inbound exchanger preference using an MX (or mail exchanger) entry in the name server's zone configuration or database files. Additional backup mail exchangers can also be configured by stipulating several MX entries with a different numeric precedence.

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