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Chairman Radford was against the concept of maintaining large forces in the US for overseas 36 Anglo-American Approaches to Alliance Security, 1955-60 intervention. In July 1957, he argued that the Basic National Security Policy (NSC 5707/8) did not envisage sizeable deployments of US ground forces to fight in limited wars. On this basis he argued that: there is . . 65 Radford proposed instead that conventional forces should be reduced in size and constituted around tactical nuclear weapons, thereby increasing their deterrent value.

Nevertheless, as leaders in their alliances they had to be careful about the image that they projected to other members. To appear to be unconcerned about the cohesion of the alliances could serve to undermine them. The subsequent chapters of this book seek to determine the motivations of the United States and the United Kingdom towards their alliances. They will also contrast the level of commitment that the two states demonstrated towards the alliances with the commitment that they showed to each other.

44 The United States and Britain became embroiled in a variety of local conflicts such as Suez and the internal strife in Lebanon. The greatest difficulties for the UK and the US in limited war planning were the assumptions about the most likely adversaries. The core of the debate was whether a war against the USSR could be kept limited. At the outset of the period it was hard to see how means and objectives could be kept limited in a war with the Soviets. They were unlikely to risk engaging Western forces directly in any theatre of the world for fear that a local conflict could escalate into a global one.

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