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Banquets were held every day, but Nizamudeen Auliya (rahmatullahi alaihi) subsisted on a piece of barley bread and some water for sehri - and sometimes he would not even eat that much, thinking of all the needy who could not even afford this. He loved even his most staunch enemies; once when they scattered thorns in his path, he walked over them uncaringly. Then, with his bare feet bleeding, he prayed that every thorn that had pierced him might become a rose in the grave of the thrower. He used to recite 300 rakats of nafil salaah in 24 hours, used to fast every day, and spend the entire night in worship.

I smell my master, I smell my master). This man dejectedly told him the story about how he could only get these sandals from Nizamuddin Aulia. It is said that Khusrau after seeing his pir’s belongings decided to trade his entire entourage of wealth for this pair of sandals, placed them on his head and came rushing to see Nizamuddin Aulia. His pir saw the sandals and asked Khusrau how he found them. When Khusrau told him about the price he has paid for them, Nizamuddin Aulia said, “Arzaan khareedi”.

Ijaza of his Silsila (order) is present in all the existing khanqahs of Bihar. His descendants still reside in Biharsharif and can be found in many parts of the world. However, those still looking after Nizamuddin Auliya’s shrine in Delhi are the descendants of his sister’s son. The Chisti Nizami order Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya was the founder of the Chisti Nizami order. He had hundreds of disciples (khalifa) who had Ijaza (khilafat) from him to spread the order. Many of the sufis of the Chisti Nizami order are recognised as great sufis; some on this list are his descendants and some his disciples: Hazrat Muhammad Hussaini Gisudaraz Bandanawaz, Gulbarga (near Hyderabad), Karnataka; Hazrat Ala-ul-Haq Pandwi & Hazrat Noor Qutb-e-Alam Pandwi, Pandua, West Bengal; Makhdoom Ashraf Jahangir Simnani, Kachaocha, Uttar Pradesh; Hazrat Faqruddin Faqr Dehlvi, Mehrauli, New Delhi; Hazrat Shah Niyaz Ahmad Barelvi, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh; Khwaja Shafruddin Ali Ahmed & Khwaja Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, Chirag Dilli, New Delhi; Khwaja Zainuddin Shirazi, Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh; Hazrat Khwaja Maulana Muhiuddin Yousuf Yahya Madani Chishti, Medina; Hazrat Shah Kaleemullah Dehlvi Chishti, Delhi; Hazrat Maulana Shah Nizamuddin Aurangabadi; Hazrat Taj-ul-Auliya Shah Nizamuddin Hussain, and Hazrat Shah Meerza Agha Mohammad; Hazrat Khwaja Shah Muhammad Sulman Taunswi, Pakistan, Khwaja Mohammad Meera Hussaini, Hesamuddin Mankpuri.

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