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By William Shakespeare

This variation is written in English. although, there's a operating French glossary on the backside of every web page for the tougher English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are various variants of All's good That Ends good. This variation will be valuable if

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I grow to you, and our parting is a tortured body. FIRST LORD. Farewell, captain. SECOND LORD. Sweet Monsieur Parolles! PAROLLES. Noble heroes, my sword and yours are kin. --You shall find in the regiment of the Spinii one Captain Spurio, with his cicatrice, an emblem of war, here on his sinister cheek; it was this very sword entrenched it: say to him I live; and observe his reports for me. FIRST LORD. We shall, noble captain. PAROLLES. Mars dote on you for his novices! French bought: acheté. captain: capitaine, commandant, capitaine de vaisseau.

Sickness: maladie. sleepy: somnolent. spirit: esprit, vigueur. sun: soleil, ensoleillé. thievish: voleur. torture: torture, torturer, supplice. twice: deux fois, bis. venture: risquer, aventurer, oser, entreprise, oser entreprendre, aventure, hasarder. worse: pire, plus mauvais. worst: pire, le plus mauvais. 36 All's Well That Ends Well Worth name of life in thee hath estimate: Youth, beauty, wisdom, courage, all That happiness and prime can happy call; Thou this to hazard needs must intimate Skill infinite or monstrous desperate.

Pardon, my lord [kneeling], for me and for my tidings. KING. I'll fee thee to stand up. LAFEU. Then here's a man stands that has bought his pardon. I would you had kneel'd, my lord, to ask me mercy; And that at my bidding you could so stand up. KING. I would I had; so I had broke thy pate, And ask'd thee mercy for't. French adieu: adieu. ask: demander, demande, demandent, demandons, demandez, demandes, poser une question, prier. broke: fauché, cassai, cassés de fabrication. ceremony: cérémonie.

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