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By A. Yokota, T. Fujii, K. Goto

Alicyclobacillus aren't pathogenic micro organism, yet they're complex, not just for shoppers but additionally for beverage manufacturers, simply because no potent keep watch over equipment haven't begun been built. it really is in contrast history and in popularity of the significance and urgency of the matter that this e-book brings jointly new insights at the subject including learn released so far. The booklet uniquely makes a speciality of one genus of micro organism. It goals to convey the knowledge of Alicyclobacillus jointly and provide beneficial realizing to manage the micro organism for nutrition industries.

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05, Table 3-19) 54) . 3-4-7 Effect of sporulating conditions on heat resistance In order to prevent spoilage due to thermo-resistant microorganisms, it is necessary to correctly determine their thermo-tolerance. For this purpose, spores should be prepared to have high heat resistance as much as possible 55) . The genetically inherent resistance of the strain and the environmental conditions under which the spores were formed are thought to as well as affect their heat resistance. Other environmental factors include composition of the sporulation medium, incubation temperature at the sporulating phase 56), incubation time for spore maturation, metabolic products, and strain preservation conditions 57).

02 98 100 A. kakegawaensis 5-A83JT A. kakegawaensis 5-A167N 100 A. shizuokaensis 4-A336T A. herbarius CP1T A. macrosporangidus 5A239-2O-AT 97 A. disulfidooxidans DSM 12064T 83 A. tolerans DSM 16297T A. cycloheptanicus DSM 4006T 100 A. contaminans E-8 A. contaminans 3-A191T 100 A. pomorum 3AT 90 A. sendaiensis JCM11817T 97 Alicyclobacillus genomic species 2 MIH332 98 Alicyclobacillus genomic species 1 DSM 11984 100 A. acidocaldarius subsp. acidocaldarius ATCC 27009T T 97 A. acidocaldarius subsp.

Hesperidum Alicyclobacillus sp. 1 (= A. saccharis ) Alicyclobacillus sp. 2 A. cycloheptanicus Alicyclobacillus sp. (= A. macrosporangidus ) A. pomorum Alicyclobacillus sp. 4 (= A. contaminans ) Alicyclobacillus sp. 5 (= A. contaminans ) Alicyclobacillus sp. 6 (= A. kakegawaensis ) Alicyclobacillus sp. 7 (= A. kakegawaensis ) Alicyclobacillus sp. 8 (= A. shizuokaensis ) A. herbarius Alicyclobacillus sp. 9 (= A. herbarius ) A. disulfidooxidans A. , 2003 25) Description Table 3-1. Alicyclobacillus species and the sources Source Soil Soil Soil Soil Herb Soil Fruit juice Soil Raw material of beverage Soil Soil Raw material of beverage, etc.

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