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Flavus strains 64-R4 and 64-R1 produced Bx and B2 but no Gx or G2 on peanuts and rough rice, whereas NRRL 2999 produced all four aflatoxins on both substrates. When aflatoxins were present in 1325field-collectedsamples of cottonseed, McMeans et al. (1968) found only aflatoxins Bx and B2, although separate chromatograms were developed for the detection of aflatoxins Gx and G2. Taber and Schroeder (1967) tested more than 100 A. flavus isolates from Spanish peanuts and did not find an isolate that produced Gx or G2.

1965) Grains, legumes S. Africa Scott (1965) Borut and Joffe (1965) Peanuts and soil Israel Rao et al. (1965) Peanuts India Parrish et al. C. USA Boiler and Schroeder Rice USA (1966) Diener and Davis Peanuts, grains USA (1966) Hesseltine et al. (1966) Koji (Japan) USA Taber and Schroeder Spanish peanuts USA (1967) Peanuts α b Substrates UK a Toxic 59 11 6 10 6 7 NM Peanuts 43 150 32 4 NM Corn Peanuts Peanuts NM Peanuts, Rice 50 10 330 29 108 284 20 6 235 6 30 268 Peanuts, NM 44 35 NM Peanuts, Rice 53 213 0 107 NM Peanuts Grains, NM 1390 803 Nutrient Medium.

AFLATOxiN FORMATION BY Aspergillus flavus 31 less Bx than Gl9 whereas with high concentrations (30 % sucrose or 3 % yeast extract) the amount of Bx exceeded G±. However, the most important factor controlling the proportion of Bx to G x produced by A. flavus appears to be temperature. Rabie and Smalley (1965) reported a temperature optimum of 24°C for aflatoxin B x with small amounts being produced at 18° and 30°C. The optimum for Gx was 30°C with lesser amounts being produced at 24°, 36°, and 42°C.

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