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023 36 M. W . STEER ET AL the breadth of the distribution of particle sizes is small enough that DISCRETE will fit a single exponential to correlation functions observed for particles of one nominal size, more sophisticated analyses can extract their size distribution. Various approaches exist and the reader is referred to Chu (1983) for a review. Here we show the results of one such approach (Fig. 091 pm (Earnshaw and Lavery, 1982). 1 nm) is much greater than suggested by the manufacturer. Data for such complex analyses must be very precise and this work was not undertaken with the laser Doppler microscope.

Physical changes occurring in the components of a reaction can be followed on a time scale of a few seconds without interfering with the course of the reaction. An early illustration of the time resolution possible with these techniques is provided by a study of the dependence of casein precipitation on concentration, in which polymerization reactions were followed over a total time span of less than 3 sec (Parker and Dalgleish, 1977). Quite complex reactions can be studied in this way and the observations tested against theoretical models.

3. Photon Correlation The photomultiplier output is a signal containing various frequencies related to the motions of particles in the sample. These frequencies can be described in terms of spectra or correlation functions, to the measurement of which we can now turn. The most efficient instruments involve photon correlation, but other systems may be useful. By scanning the filter frequency w over the range of interest, the power spectrum S,(o) of the detector output can be measured. The frequency range covered by such spectrum analyzers can be varied by changing the step size Sw, as usually a fixed number of frequency steps are provided.

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