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Adrenaline on inside, at about 1: 100,000 - -.. _ _ _ _ _ -----,--~~ Control. . . . . . \Vhale neurohypophysealextract, on inside . . . . (1 mg. -------~~-- 4,5 3,5 Under atmospheric air. 3 161 158 Figures in individual experiments are for successive one·hour runs. with Na 24 ) proved always to exceed slightly the total current, as shown by the examples in Table VII. The Na+ efflux concurrently determined with Na 22 just about accounted for the difference between the two figures, so that the entire short-circuit current was attributable to active Na+ transport.

HIOE 0:-;; 100 ~ 50 10" - b. 1(" 0----0 QQ, 10" MOLU COHCEHTR ... TIOH OF IHHIBITOR Fig. 13. Elfect of metabolic inhibitors on K + accumulation and respiration, as in Fig. 12. In alI experiments, acetate was provided at 10 mM. (Courtesy of G. H. 5. AEBI (1953) compared a variety of lilammalian tissue slices in this type of experiment, and found the kidney by far the most active in accumulat- 39 Transport of Inorganic Cations Table VIII. _'t1etabolism and Maintenance of Water and Electrolyte Distribution ill Guinea-Pig Kidney-Cortex Slices.

CI-, interpreted the nearly cDmplete exclusion Df this iDn under nDrmal circumstances to. the high cDncentratiDn Df Drganic aniDns which cannDt escape thrDugh the cell surface, the CI- distributiDn then cDnfDrming to. DDnnan equilibrium characteristics. Except fDr the cells Df Drgans especially cDncerned with transpDrt functiDns, there has in any case been little reaSDn to. suppDse that special metabDlic assistance in passing thrDugh cell surfaces is given the Drdinary inDrganic aniDns Df biDIDgical media, with the nDtable exceptiDn Df the phDsphates.

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