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We further note that measurements in the attractiveforce imaging mode may be desirable for imaging with atomic resolution. The key component in AFM is the sensor for measuring the force on the tip due to its interaction with the sample. 12 Geometries of the four commonly used detection systems for measurement of cantilever deflection. In each setup, the sample mounted on piezoelectric body is shown on the right, the cantilever in the middle, and the corresponding deflection sensor on the left. (From Meyer, E.

A cylindrical piezoelectric tube scans a very sharp tip which is mounted on a flexible cantilever over the sample surface. A compact interferometric detection system mounted on the end of the piezotube senses the deflection of the cantilever as features in the sample are encountered. In the most common operating mode, the control system varies the Z-voltage applied to the piezo to keep the cantilever deflection nearly constant as the tip is scanned over the sample surface in a raster pattern. The variation in the Z-voltage applied to the piezo translates directly into the variation in height across the sample.

The DSP always adjusts the height of the sample under the tip based on the cantilever deflection error signal, but if the feedback gains are low the piezo remains at a nearly constant height and the cantilever deflection data is collected. With the gains high, the piezo height changes to keep the cantilever deflection nearly constant (therefore, the force is constant), and the change in piezo height is collected by the system. The following description of the instrument is almost exclusively based on Anonymous (1992b).

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