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By Jonathan Swift

This variation is written in English. even if, there's a operating German word list on the backside of every web page for the more challenging English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are lots of variants of A Modest idea. This variation will be invaluable if you happen to wou

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Alas! my dear reader, it is Pierre Gringoire and his prologue. We have all forgotten him completely. This is precisely what he feared. From the moment of the cardinal's entrance, Gringoire had never ceased to tremble for the safety of his prologue. At first he had enjoined the actors, who had stopped in suspense, to continue, and to raise their voices; then, perceiving that no one was listening, he had stopped them; and, during the entire quarter of an hour that the interruption lasted, he had not ceased to stamp, to flounce about, to appeal to Gisquette and Liénarde, and to urge his neighbors to the continuance of the prologue; all in vain.

Jovial: gemütlich, heiter. joyous: freudig, fröhlich. justly: mit Recht, zu Recht, richtig, gerechterweise, berechtigt. lineage: Abstammung, Abstammen, Ursprung, Herkunft, Abkunft. naming: Benennung. proverb: Sprichwort, Sentenz, Denkspruch, Spruch. rancor: Groll, Boshaftigkeit. scandalized: angeeckt. vespers: Vesper, Abendgottesdienst. vintage: Weinlese, Jahrgang, Traubenlese, Lese, Weinernte, Einsammlung, Ernte, Ertrag, Erträge, Pflücken. ; all with many errors and absurdities. As for the scholars, they swore.

Yelping: Kläffend. % This was becoming unbearable.

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