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By Billie Jean Collins

This identify matters man's touch with the animal international: sacrifice, sacred animals, nutrition, and domestication. Chapters on paintings, literature, faith and animal husbandry demonstrate an image of the complicated relationships among the peoples of the traditional close to East and (their) animals.

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Modifications have been made to reflect details yielded by archaeological finds. ). Like nearly all other native Near Eastern ungulates, they are now much reduced in number and inhabit remote refuges within their former range. By the strictest definition, all sheep belong to a single species since captive individuals regardless of their origins produce fertile offspring. Likewise, all goats are fully interfertile as well. In the wild, however, discrete populations have formed that do not interbreed.

Both species lack the cloven hooves of their artiodactyl relatives but possess instead broad foot pads, each bearing two toes with nails, but in accordance with their more northerly distribution, bactrians display adaptations to a cold habitat in their darker coloration, shorter legs, stockier build, and growth of a shaggy winter coat that molts in the spring. Camels are principally grazers, but they will forage widely, consuming whatever is available, even salty, halophytic brush and the thorny, anti-pastoral vegetation passed up by other herbivores.

Evenly matched males will become combative, but they tend to lock antlers and muscle each other, letting brute strength determine the victor without much stabbing and serious injury. Shortly following the rut, antlers are cast. They detach just below the coronet and fall to the ground. Three deer species are indigenous to the Near East, while the range of a fourth extends into easternmost Afghanistan. Of the first three, 1. THE NATIVE FAUNA 25 the largest, red deer (Cervus elaphus), ranges across Eurasia as far as Korea and currently survives within forested areas of Turkey, the Caucasus, and northern Iran.

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