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Ambitransitive verbs can be found in both of these groups. Those verb stems that do not change when -ghu ‘NMLZ’ is added also remain unchanged when an object marking suffix is attached. An example would be the verb "bani ‘to fence someone or something in’: "bani ‘to fence so. or sth. in’ + -ghu ‘NMLZ’ "bani ‘to fence so. or sth. 4. O’ → ga"sili Again it is impossible to predict if the stress pattern of a verb stem changes or not. 4 Stress changes "ari ‘to fish pulling a line’ "ale ‘to enter’ "egha ‘to clear an area’ "gasi ‘to close’ "ena ‘to chew betel nut’ "gozi ‘to fart’ "ene ‘to hear’ "ghagha ‘to pull off’ "ghavi ‘to paddle’ "koto ‘to move’ "izi ‘to sleep’ "mama ‘to be sour’ "kuki ‘to cook’ "pia ‘to move up’ "mimi ‘to urinate’ "putu ‘to pass’ "nyagho ‘to be first’ "rara ‘to crawl’ "nyori ‘to take a bite’ "siko ‘to steer’ Morphophonology In this section I will discuss morphophonemic processes that add, remove, or change material.

PHONOLOGY Lateral • /l/ alveolar lateral → [l] Examples: lapi ["lapi] ‘tongue’ kuvala ["kuBala] ‘afternoon’ fl Approximants • /B/ voiced bilabial unrounded approximant fl Examples: vila → [B] ∼ [V] fl kove ["Bila] ‘lightning’ fl ["koBe] ‘rainbow’ fl This phoneme is sometimes realized as a voiced labiodental approximant. Again, these allophones are in free variation. Todd (1977: 808) analyzed this phoneme as a voiced bilabial fricative (/B/). • /î/ voiced velar approximant → [î] Examples: gharo ["îaro] ‘gecko’ ivaghu [­i"Baîu] ‘day’ fl This phoneme was analyzed by Todd (1977: 808) as a voiced velar fricative (/G/).

Sec. 3 above) were also used; they comprise about 21 minutes (247 Toolbox records) of elicited and narrative material. Stimulus set Man & Tree (Pederson et al. 1998) Staged Events (Staden et al. 2001) Cut & Break (Bohnemeyer et al. 2001) Put & Take (Bowerman et al. 2004) Reciprocals (Evans et al. 2004) Topological Relations Picture Series (Bowerman and Pederson 1993) MoVerb (Levinson 2001) Recording # # Particip. 2: Stimulus sets used to elicit data on specific topics, together with the number of sessions, the recording time and records, and the number of participants that contributed the data.

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