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This version is written in English. despite the fact that, there's a operating Korean word list on the backside of every web page for the tougher English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are lots of variations of A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s courtroom. This variation

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Naught: 무, 제로, 무가치한, 영, 나쁜, treble: 새된, 소프라노, 세 겹, 무용의, 망한, 무가치, 붕괴한, 최고음부, 같은 말에 의한 세레이스 사악한, 아무것도 아님. 우승, 세곱하다, 삼배의, 삼배, 높은, perplexed: 당황한, 난처한, 복잡한, 고음부의 악기, 고음부의 목소리. 어찌할 바를 모르는, 골치 아픈. trump: 으뜸패, 으뜸패를 내놓다, plagiarism: 표절물, 표절, 표절 행위. 믿음직한 사람, 나팔, 지우다, 비방, raiment: 의류, 의복. 날조하다, 보다 낫다, 비법, 비방을 scoffing: 비웃음, 웃음거리, 비웃다. 쓰다, 조작하다. subdued: 억제된, 가라앉은, 차분한, vaporing: 허세부리는, 허풍, 허장 조용한, 완화된, 약해진, 낮춘, 성세의, 호언장담, 허풍 증발하는, 낮아진, 정복된. 허세 부림, 증발, 증기가 생기는. " "Ye were shut up when yesterday was well spent.

Ye were shut up when yesterday was well spent. " "No! Then I have slept well, sure enough. Nine in the morning now! And yet it is the very complexion of midnight, to a shade. " I had to carry the boy out myself, he sunk into such a collapse. I handed him over to the soldiers, and went back. Korean accumulate: 모으다, 쌓이다, 모이다, 쌓다. blackness: 흑점, 검정, 흑색, 검음. blot: 얼룩, 지우다, 오명, 때, 오점, 감추다, 결점-더럽히다, 잡히기 쉬운 말, 흠, 잉크를 배게 하다, 번지다. climax: 절정, 점층법, 최고조, 극상, 클라이맥스, 엑스터시, 클라이맥스에 달하다, 최고점, 오르가슴, 성적 쾌감의 절정, 극점.

He asked them why they were so dull--why didn't it occur to them to strip me. In half a minute I was as naked as a pair of tongs! And dear, dear, to think of it: I was the only embarrassed person there. Everybody discussed me; and did it as unconcernedly as if I had been a cabbage. Queen Guenever was as naively interested as the rest, and said she had never seen anybody with legs just like mine before. It was the only compliment I got--if it was a compliment. Korean assemblage: 조립, 모임, 집합, 집회, 회음, 아상블라주, 회중.

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