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Event Structure and the Left Periphery: Studies on Hungarian

Katalin Kiss, of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest, has introduced jointly during this quantity colossal new ends up in a unique box of analysis. The textual content analyzes the syntactic and semantic outcomes of occasion constitution. The stories contained during this quantity try the speculation that occasion constitution correlates with a few issues, together with observe order, the presence or absence of the verbal particle, and the [+/- particular] function of the inner argument.

Semiotic Principles in Semantic Theory

This examine represents a contribution to the idea of that means in typical language. It proposes a semantic thought containing a collection of standard relational rules. those rules let semantic idea to explain connections from the lexical interpreting of a be aware to its figurative contextual interpreting, from one version interpreting of a polysemous lexical merchandise to a different, from the idiomatic to its literal studying or to the literal reading(s) of 1 or extra of its part lexical goods.

The Semantics of Aspect and Modality: Evidence from English and Biblical Hebrew (Studies in Language Companion Series)

This quantity presents a severe review of study in stressful, element and modality, in addition to within the semantics of the verbal process in biblical Hebrew. the writer indicates a brand new strategy for studying the biblical Hebrew verb method, exhibiting it to be tenseless. the final method followed within the e-book is essentially of fact conditional semantics and adheres heavily to Kamp's DRT (Discoure illustration Theory).

The Processing of Tense: Psycholinguistic Studies on the Interpretation of Tense and Temporal Relations

This paintings is a psycho linguistic research of the processing of stressful (more particularly, the English previous tense): whilst it really is interpreted, the way it is interpreted, and what it truly is interpreted with appreciate to. whereas there was loads of awareness paid to stressful within the syntax and semantics literature, little paintings has been performed at the information of the mental processing of this type.

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There are also indefinitely many cases where the intuitive judgments are that such dependencies are not possible. These are usually called judgments of disjoint reference, a kind of independence of reference assignment. The terminology was introduced in Lasnik (1976), but as with "coreference," it must be understood somewhat loosely. The asterisks in (47) mean that the < previous page page_30 If you like this book, buy it! next page > < previous page page_31 next page > Page 31 indicated referential dependencies are judged impermissible.

C. I had a terrible fight with that bastard yesterday. Each of the italicized expressions is used to refer to someone, to pick out an individual about whom something is being said, but a pointing gesture or a nod or some similar nonlinguistic means may be needed to indicate who this is. These same expressions, however, can be used in contexts where such pointing is unnecessary because they are linked to other antecedent expressions. In (40) speakers judge that the bracketed italicized expressions can be understood as coreferential with, having the same reference as, the bracketed unitalicized expressions that serve as their antecedents, and furthermore, they can be understood as dependent for their reference on the reference assigned to their antecedents.

You might deny this by noting that the passionate kisser is unlikely to stop with a single kiss. We can agree with that observation and may even agree with you that assertion of (14) does strongly suggest or imply the truth of (16c) but nonetheless disagree that the implication is an entailment. For example, we might want to maintain that a situation with one or a few kisses can nonetheless involve passionate kissing, perhaps persuading you by showing a film of a single kiss which you will agree is a passionate one.

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