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By Andrew Erskine

Masking the interval from the dying of Alexander the good to the distinguished defeat of Antony and Cleopatra by the hands of Augustus, this authoritative significant other explores the realm that Alexander created yet didn't reside to work out.

  • Comprises 29 unique essays by means of top overseas scholars.
  • Essential interpreting for classes on Hellenistic history.
  • Combines narrative and thematic techniques to the period.
  • Draws at the very newest research.
  • Covers a huge diversity of issues, spanning political, non secular, social, fiscal and cultural history.

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More often these citations are abridgements or re-wordings of what was written and may even have been reproduced from memory. Some abridgements can be substantial, notably the so-called Bibliotheca, or ‘Library’, of Photios, a ninth century AD scholar who wrote numerous summaries of books he had read. These included works now completely lost, such as On the Red Sea by Agatharchides of Knidos (FGH86)or the history of his home-town written by Memnon of Herakleia Pontike ( F G H 434). The modern historian needs to be wary of placing too much faith in the evidence of such ‘fragments’; far from offering an authentic glimpse at a lost text, the process of selection, re-wording, and abridgement may have done much to distort the original work (cf.

The ‘fragments’ of lost writers are collected (without translation) and discussed in F. Jacoby, Die FraJmente der Jriechischen Historiker ( F G H , relevant Jacoby references are given in the text above). For fragments of Poseidonios, see Edelstein and Kidd 1989 with Kidd 1988 (commentary) and 1999 (translation). What is left oflost Alexander historians is translated in Pearson 1960. Burstein 1989 translates and discusses Agatharchides. Important studies of individual writers include Hornblower 1981 on Hieronymos, Momigliano 1977:37-66 on Timaios and Ptdech 1989 on Douris and Phylarchos.

However, just as Alexander’s spectacular father, Philip 11,suffers in his great shadow, so the aftermath of the imperialist adventure may seem at first sight to have been very much an anti-climax. Alexander had left his world with no particular direction. Death had not been expected; in any case his supercharged romance had little time for responsibility. The world he left behind had been changed fundamentally, but what sort of ‘new world order’ was to follow? In 323 BC no-one knew, except, as legend had it, Alexander himself, who predicted war with his dying breath (Diod.

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