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2 Back home the London music critic Ernest Newman began to speak of the current state of affairs, including specifically the appeal of the Straussian dialect and the challenge he felt the war would pose. He predicted that music would be more profoundly affected by the conflict than the other arts would be, and that music performing and publishing—principal German enterprises—were bound to suffer. As early as September 1914 he asserted in The Musical Times that the daily interchange of compositions and performers had made Europe virtually a single country.

The German manifesto was straightforward enough: it denied the legitimacy of the charges of barbarism that had been brought against the German army and charged willful misrepresentation on the part of the Allies. The arts were enlisted through the claim that as the intellectual heir of Goethe, Beethoven, and Kant, the German nation would obviously not be capable of dishonoring the principles of these great men. On a specific level the signatories claimed that the Germans and their emperor were peace-loving; that war had begun only because a numerically superior Allied force, “which had been laying in wait on the frontiers,” had pushed Germany to the brink; and that all charges pertaining to the violation of Belgian neutrality and subsequent atrocities were false.

The French are all small people,—very interesting, but indubitably small. Italian music is strangling in the grip of a commercial octopus. Russia is divided between men who see the wisdom of building upon the classical tradition but are not quite big enough to give the tradition an unmistakably new life, and men who reject the past before they are sure of the future, or even of the present. 8 In a tone reminiscent of Rolland, Newman then presciently warned against a bad political settlement at the end of hostilities and openly endorsed the end of provincialism amongst all European nations as the only sane path for the future.

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