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Poland. Special section of Solar Physics, Vol. 162, Nos. 1–2; 1995. The Stellar Dynamo. Elizabeth Nesme-Ribes, Sallie L. Baliunas and Dmitry Sokoloff in Scientific American, Vol. 275, No. 2, pages 46–52; August 1996. Unsolved Mysteries of the Sun, Parts 1–2. Kenneth R. Lang in Sky and Telescope, Vol. 92, No. 2, pages 38–42; August 1996; and Vol. 92, No. 3, pages 24–28; September 1996. gov/ SOHO Reveals the Secrets of the Sun Copyright 1997 Scientific American, Inc. Scientific American March 1997 47 COURTESY OF THE SOHO SWAN CONSORTIUM AND JEAN-LOUP BERTAUX the way that a street lamp lights a foggy mist at night.

Scanning is also a good choice for the purposes of preservation. It captures the look of a book and any notes scribbled in its margins. And highly detailed nontextual items can be converted into highresolution images. To be sure, this can produce unwieldy files. 05 inch high, for example, requires scanning it as a 4,500-by9,300-pixel, 125-megabyte file—large enough to choke a desktop computer. But more powerful machines and new image formats that can be rendered at lower resolutions when desired should eventually remove this obstacle.

In the 1980s, when many libraries computerized their catalogues, librarians found that after a third or so of the book records were on-line, users tended to ignore the rest. Similarly, as the books themselves move on-line, any library that does not provide on-line access to old material will find those books orphaned. For all its potential to improve scholarship, the electronic library may for a time have the opposite effect. The uncertainty over copyright issues for digital works also raises thorny problems.

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