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By Kate Rockland

A smartly-written novel of 2 girls beginning at contrary ends of the scale--and discovering compromise and friendship of their trip in the direction of a hundred and fifty pounds

In the short paced lifetime of running a blog, ladies stand out: Alexis Allbright, of thin Chick, and Shoshana Weiner, who writes fats and superb. either have over 5 million dependable readers. either are hungry for achievement. however the similarities cease there.

With over a hundred kilos at the scale keeping apart them, weight isn't their basically distinction. Alexis is a loner who's so bitchy the single one who can stand her corporation is her homosexual ally Billy. She supplies neurotic New Yorkers a run for his or her cash together with her strict day-by-day exercise session regimen, and weighing of nutrition. Shoshana is Alexis’s contrary. residing in Jersey with rowdy roommates, she is somebody who “collects friends,” as her mom places it; and treasures a lifetime of increasing circles...and waistlines.
When either look as panelists on a favored speak exhibit, their lives intersect in methods neither may have imagined. In turns comedic, heartwarming--and customary to any girl who's ever stepped on a scale--Alexis and Shoshana detect they've got way more in universal than both can have potentially imagined, and extra importantly, anything to provide.

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